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As you browse my page, please keep something in mind: I'm not a professional software development company... I'm a lowly Firefighter/Paramedic who works two jobs like the rest of you, in addition to going to school on my days off. I run this company out of the spare bedroom in my house, and I don't have a production or advertising budget like other app developers... as a result, my webpage and all of our products are pretty basic. I rely almost completely on word of mouth advertising, and on members of our fire/EMS family - you guys - to purchase my apps to support my ability to develop new apps for you guys to use. Please visit our product pages at the left for a demo video of each app in action.        

Omnimedic Solutions is dedicated to EMS education, a little twisted humor, products, stories, tips, and tricks. Our goals are the education of prehospital providers, giving medics the tools they need to do their job better/easier/safer/more efficiently, and working to get EMS recognized as the true healthcare providers we are instead of the old mentality of "ambulance drivers". 

EMS is unique, and we all know that. Even though we do the same basic function as physicians and nurses – care for patients – the way we do it is frequently very different. Caring for patients in the field requires the ability to think quickly and to adapt, improvise, and overcome in dynamic situations with limited time, personnel, and tools. Many of the tools that EMS providers have used since the beginning of EMS are items, tools, or procedures that were designed for another practice of medicine and have been adapted for pre-hospital use. While many of those have worked well for years, every field provider knows that the best products for EMS providers are those which have been designed by medics based on the understanding of our unique needs that only comes from working in EMS.

That's the principle behind EasyECG, OmniMedix, OmniFire, CPR Metronome, and our company philosophy in general: solutions for medics, by medics. I'm a field paramedic myself, and all of the apps we have developed are based on specific need which I saw while working in the field. Check out the short description below of each app, or click on the links to the left for more information and to view screenshots and demo videos to see exactly how they work.

EasyECG2.0: Answer the yes/no questions on the screen based on the characteristics of a rhythm strip you have, and EasyECG will interpret the rhythm for you.

OmniMedix: Enter the desired dose, medication concentration, dripset being used, and the patient weight, and OmniMedix displays the exact driprate to achieve that dose.

OmniFire: Enter the nozzle pressure, hose diameter, hose length, and flow rate, and OmniFire displays friction loss and the proper pump pressure.

CPR Metronome: Tap "Start CPR", a metronome begins to cue proper compression/ventilation rates and a stopwatch displays how long CPR has been in progress.

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