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CPR Metronome         

Scroll to the bottom for screensnots, a demo video, and links to Omnimedix in Google Play (iPhone version coming soon!)

CPR Metronome was written by a paramedic for EMS personnel to solve two common problems with CPR resuscitation by EMS providers: compressions which are too slow and ventilating the patient too fast.

To address these problems, CPR Metronome plays a click at 110 beats per minute (to coincide with the currently-recommended guidelines for compressions) to give an audible cue to the correct compression rate; it's pretty simple... when the app clicks, compress the chest. To solve the problem of over-bagging the patient, a gong sounds 12 times per minute to indicate when to ventilate. Both sounds are combined into a single audio track that loops indefinitely until the app is stopped.

CPR Metronome cost me a bundle to develop, but I truly believe in high quality CPR, so I am giving it away for free to get it in as many providers' hands as possible. The only thing I ask is that you check out my other apps, OmniMedix, EasyECG, and OmniFire, and consider purchasing one or more of them; by doing so, you can help me offset my development costs for CPR Metronome, as well as help me out as I currently try to pay for the very expensive process of applying to and interviewing for medical school, with the goal of being a paramedic-turned-EMS Medical Director some day. I'm a working street medic just like you guys are, and all of my apps were developed from seeing a need that hadn't been addressed yet by any other apps. I believe that "we" know what we need more than someone who isn't actually out there on the street running calls every day.

DIRECTIONS: The best practice is to open the app when you're enroute to a call, then as you approach the patient, tap "Start CPR", clip the phone back on your belt, and go to work. CPR Metronome will begin a stopwatch from the time you begin so you know exactly how long CPR has been in progress and will play the audible signal to keep time for you to ensure an optimal compression and ventilation rate. In addition to providing a timer for the optimal rate of compressions and ventilations, having the sound playing as you're working the patient provides an audible cue to remind you that the patient has no blood flow when you stop compressions, and reminds you that compressions need to be resumed as quickly as possible.

This app is not a substitute for formal CPR training, but is intended to supplement proper training, and is only intended for use by the professional rescuer.



CPR Metronome demo video:   Click here if video doesn't load


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