The link to this page was posted in an inconsipcuous manner for a reason: I wanted it to blend in with the background, so it's not obvious. The main purpose of my site is not to stand up and beat my chest and say "look at me, look at how smart I am" or to impress you with my credentials.... it is about education and giving medics more tools for their toolbox to better treat their patients. If you're reading this, you obviously took the time to scroll to the bottom of this page and look closely enough to find this link. If you're interested, here's who I am:

National Registry EMT – Paramedic
BCCTPC Certified Flight Paramedic
Texas Department of State Health Services Certifications:
Licensed Paramedic
EMS Instructor
Texas Commission on Fire Protection Certifications:
Structural Firefighter – Advanced
Aircraft Rescue Firefighter – Advanced
Driver/Operator – Pumper
NFPA 1041 – Fire Service Instructor II
NFPA 1021 – Fire Officer I
Incident Safety Officer - Fire
Wildland Firefighter
Technician-Level Certifications:
Hazardous Materials
High Angle Rescue
Confined Space Rescue
Trench Rescue
Special Operations Medicine/Tactical Paramedic
NFPA 1521 – Incident Safety Officer
NIMS ICS 100, 200, 300, 700, 800
Card courses:
AHA Instructor (CPR/PALS/ACLS)