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EasyECGTM 2.0          

  Scroll to the bottom for screensnots, a demo video, and links to EasyECG in the iTunes App Store & Google Play 


EasyECG2.0 is the second generation of our ECG interpretation app that I developed after a handful of paramedic students who rode with me had difficulty interpreting basic EKG rhythms. I realized that some paramedic programs are teaching “ECG recognition” as opposed to “ECG interpretation”. For that reason, I created EasyECG to reinforce the correct sequence of steps to interpret an ECG rhythm.I was taught to interpret EEG rhythms in a stepwise fashion s

EasyECG is actually written in such a manner that anyone - even someone with no ECG training whatsoever - can interpret a rhythm, however it is intended as a LEARNING TOOL ONLY, and it is no substitute for proper training. I do not endorse it for use in diagnosing and/or treating a patient, and if you use it for that purpose, you are on your own!

DIRECTIONS: Examine the Lead 2 tracing of a patient’s ECG, and answer questions in the app based on what is seen on the patient’s ECG printout. In some cases, a sample ECG complex with the characteristic in question highlighted in green will appear under the question to clarify what is being asked. All questions have an info button if additional clarification is needed, and the info button on the final rhythm determination gives a description of what is occurring in the electrical conduction system of the heart to cause that rhythm. A definitions list is accessible from the main menu that explains the physiology behind each rhythm included and explains what is occurring in the heart with each wave in an ECG tracing. Not every screen/question contains an image; only questions for which a visual reference is necessary have questions.


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EasyECG Demo video:   Click here if video doesn't load

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