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OmnimedixTM Medical Calcuator         

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 Here's what users are saying about Omnimedix::

★★★★★ "OmniMedix is fantastic, wish I had this when I was a CCTP in NM. Life would have been so much easier" -- Bruce W, Maine

★★★★★ "This app is perfect for anyone in the medical field! I'll definitely be using this during my nursing clinicals! Best $4.99 I've spent in a while!" - Chelsea D, Texas

★★★★★ "Easy app to use when on the medic. Easy to open up and get calcs fast. Great app!" - Ryan C, Texas

OmniMedix was created with a simple design that allows the user to calculate the proper medication infusion rate within seconds instead of fumbling through endless menus. If you hang a drip every other shift, you're probably pretty good at the calculations, so this may not be something that interests you. I wrote OmniMedix for people like me, who might hang a drip once every two years or so. Since I rarely do it, I'm not proficient in it, so I needed a tool to do the math for me. Simply put, I wrote OmniMedix to be the EASIEST, FASTEST, and MOST VERSATILE driprate calculator that exists.  

Every agency has a different set of protocols, with a different set of medications, and the "preferred" medications come and go every few years in EMS. On top of that, every other calculator that exists is specific for one medication... such as a "Lidocaine Calculator", a "Dopamine Calculator", or a "Nitroprusside Calculator".

Our Patent Pending system is based on the units of the infusion rate, not specific medications, which gives it the versatility to be used with ANY medication. This versatility also allows it to be used in EVERY clinical environment: EMS, Emergency Department, ICU, medical offices and even in veterinary medicine. Also included are weight and temperature conversions, common pediatric calculations & vital signs, medication bolus calculations, ABG interpretation, lab values, and the Parkland Burn Formula for fluid resuscitation.

DIRECTIONS: Select the concentration being utilized (mcg/min, mcg/kg/min, etc) to enter its menu. Enter the patient's weight, the desired dose, the medication amount, the bag volume, and dripset being used. OmniMedix will display the proper flow rate in drops per minute, drops per second, and our proprietary "seconds per drop", to simplify slower drip rates.


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Omnimedix demo video:   Click here if video doesn't load


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