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Texas Fire Jobs

When I was beginning my career as a firefighter, I tested all over the state, but mostly in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex. To organize all the information on test dates, salaries, etc that I had gathered, I built a spreadsheet and entered all the information. An aspiring firefighter came by my station a few months ago to chat with me about testing, and I remembered my spreadsheet. I dug it out, sent it to him, and he updated it with more current information. I figured more of you could use the same page, so I have posted it below; feel free to download it, edit/cut/paste/modify it in any way you see fit to make it work for you. Some of the information is old (over ten years, in some cases) but other departments have been updated recently. I only ask two things of you: first, if you have information that is newer than what I have, please email it to me so I can update the information I have. Secondly, tell your buddies, classmates, coworkers, etc about this sheet, our website, our apps, and our Facebook page to help our fan base grow. If anyone is testing in Texas cities outside of the D/FW metroplex, please send me that info and I'll add it as well.

You can email any updated info to me at omnimedicsolutions at hotmail dot com.

Click here to download: txfirelist.xlsx (Your best option is to right-click on the link, hit "save as", and save it on your desktop so you can edit it with your information)

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